Saturday, September 14, 2013


God you are really stretching me, finding my way through technology has been quite challenging. Being physically interactive comes easy to me.  I'm learning that there are so many avenues for research. I'm thankful, and appreciative, but there are times, I feel I'm going in circles.  How much time should I focus on the plethora amount of resources I'm given? How do I filter all the information given to me to in order to apply specifically for my needs at my current stage? Knowing I've got to seize the moment while I can.

This morning during my meditation, God reminded that this is a journey, not a race. With the Holy Spirit's help, my ancestors will guide me. I'm learning to be patient with myself and let people in.

So, today I will:

  • Sit down and organize all the family information I have this far so that I can post
  • Determine how much time and when I'm going to devote on this project
  • Accept help, no I don't like feeling helpless and yes I like being in control
  • Enjoy this journey
  • Learn how to navigate and change my settings on Basecamp
  • Accept my blog design and content for right now-Thank you Tia
  • Not compare myself to others who have been doing this for a long time

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Turn

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Psalms 32:8 (my favorite scripture) is the scripture that I live by and I anticipate His daily. Lord, Thank you for your guidance. I was comfortable just gathering the information I set out to find, dates for my grandma and grandpa. But as God would have it, that night after talking to my newly-found cousin, I was introduced to my maternal ancestors and my path took a turn. He showed me, that my eyes have not seen nor my ears have heard the plans He has for me and my family. He also showed me that it isn't just for me, nor is it only about me; but his plan is on a much larger scale and this is only the beginning of something great. 

Related by blood, bonded by love

“RISE SHINE AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY!”, This is a phrase that my youngest daughter and I would race to be the first to say to each other every morning. This tradition continued the four years while she was away at college..

For those who know me, know that I’m usually in bed by 9:00 every night. So, I had to laugh this morning because my mom called me (what I would call late) last night and said, “I know you are playing with those ancestors again”.  She was right. Not sure if I’d call it playing, because the more I find out, the more I want to know, and want my family to know…..There’s no resting.

My cousin Luckie (her name is so fitting), is such a blessing to me. I've been researching my family for years, and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d be right here blogging today.

It all started with me simply wanting to know the birth and death dates of my maternal grandparents, Zack and Perk Jones. After calling my mom, aunts and uncle for the information, would you believe not one of them knew the dates? They were able to tell me events surrounding their deaths, but never their birthdays. I’m chuckling now, because none of them thought about looking at their birth certificates (it just dawned on me now)! I knew where my grandparents were buried because after I moved to Atlanta, mom and I would have an ongoing joke whenever I would call home. Confusing my sisters’ voices with my mom's voice when I ask, “where’s your mama?” and my mom would reply, “behind Cody Grove”.  Lol!

 Determined to get my questions answered, I went to the internet. I made up my mind that I was going to call Cody Grove Baptist Church in Warrenton, Georgia , and ask them to go outside and get the information from their headstones.  So I googled the name of the church, and my eyes zoomed in. To my surprise, there was a description in one of the sites that asked,  “Where’s Ailey?” My heart started racing! I wanted to know, who was looking for my great-great grandma?!  So, I clicked on the site: Thank God, this person had their contact name, number and email!  My first instinct was to call, but since it was late, I decided that I’d better send an email and hope for a response by the next day.  I've always pride myself on knowing my family, and to whom they belong to. I received a call right away, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I was on the line with my great great grandmother's (Ailey) sister (Catie’s), great- great-great great granddaughter, my newly found cousin Luckie! I was so excited to hear from a relative that I never knew existed. We compared notes and talked a long time like we've always known each other. Who would have thought that my ancestors would connect a bloodline here on Earth. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My love for my family history began as a child. During family gatherings when the kids would be off playing and doing what kids do, I would hide behind my daddy's big recliner that separated the living room from the hall and listen to my parents, aunts and uncles as they talked about "grown folks' business".  They would share memories of when they were growing up. I would sit (seems like hours) leaning with my back against that chair; and oh how their stories they told had me thirsting for more! I couldn't ask any questions, fearing I'd get in trouble for eavesdropping.  Besides, as some of you might remember, back then we couldn't ask adults a whole lot of questions about conversations were not included in so, those stories remained with me until my adulthood.

It was during The Jones family reunion in 1994 that  I sat  down at my parent's kitchen table with a pen and pad writing as fast as I could as Aunt Ann told me what it was like growing up in "the country",  Warrenton, Georgia....and that's where my journey began.

Sparkle in the Spirit!