Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My love for my family history began as a child. During family gatherings when the kids would be off playing and doing what kids do, I would hide behind my daddy's big recliner that separated the living room from the hall and listen to my parents, aunts and uncles as they talked about "grown folks' business".  They would share memories of when they were growing up. I would sit (seems like hours) leaning with my back against that chair; and oh how their stories they told had me thirsting for more! I couldn't ask any questions, fearing I'd get in trouble for eavesdropping.  Besides, as some of you might remember, back then we couldn't ask adults a whole lot of questions about conversations were not included in so, those stories remained with me until my adulthood.

It was during The Jones family reunion in 1994 that  I sat  down at my parent's kitchen table with a pen and pad writing as fast as I could as Aunt Ann told me what it was like growing up in "the country",  Warrenton, Georgia....and that's where my journey began.

Sparkle in the Spirit! 


  1. Welcome Gwen!!!! I'm so proud to see another African American Blog added to the community. I look forward to hearing all about your research and your Family's History. Good Luck on your journey and Happy Ancestral hunting!!!!

  2. Very Nice blog, and I enjoyed every word..God Bless