Giving Honor, where Honor is Due

This blog is dedicated to the matriarch of the Jones Family, Laura "Ann" Frye.  Aunt Ann was born on January 6, 1919 and is the eldest child of Zack and Perk Jones. It is because of her  that we have been celebrating our annual Jones Family reunion for over 45 years.
Aunt Ann was stylish (always sharp as a tack), sassy, and you rarely saw her without wearing one of those beautiful hats. If you were sick and in need of a caregiver (or not), you could rest assured that Aunt Ann was on her way. I recall not being able to walk after the birth of my first born; it was with Aunt Ann's assistance that I made my first steps.
She was a breast cancer survivor for over 35 years; she was full of life, and loved to travel. During her latter days, she would reminisce about her trip to the Holy Land. Her stories of the days when she worked in the kitchen at the bus station in Macon, Georgia with her then friend/co-worker "Little Richard" would have you in stitches. She read the paper daily and was always abreast of current events. 
Aunt Ann left us in November 2011, her dream was to write a book, and my prayer is to someday fulfill that dream.
Sparkle in the Spirit! 

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